Funny Guinea Pig Names

guinea pig namesGuinea Pig names are nothing less than perfectly appropriate options for these lovely and unique creatures. Choosing a name for them is not easy since they are not like any other animal. If you want your Guinea Pig to be distinctive and special you must consider interesting and peculiar options. Thanks to jaulas para cobayos for this information, as you know Guinea Pig is Cobayo in spanish, also in spanish you can say Chanchito de la India.

One fabulous way to begin is choosing your Guinea Pig name among nature elements. These are always a marvelous idea because they are not easily adaptable to your Guinea Pig features but also poetic and beautiful. Here are some examples: Autumn, Beach, Bubble, Castor, Cosmo, Daisy, Destiny, Estella, Fenix, Flower, Flash, Feather, Jewel, Luna, Midnight, Nevada, Panda, Pigy, Rainbow, Cotton, Night, Moon, Rock, Sandy, Smokey, Snow and Snow White, Fire, Shadow, Satin, Sonic, Summer, Sunshine, Nova, Dawn, Dusk, Misty, Wheater, Storm, Lightning, Wood, Cedar, Rain, Water, Leaves, Star, Grass and Zebra among others.

Then you can try finding them among food elements. We assure you that these are the most delicious names ever: Twix, Truffle, Toffee, Strawberry, Skittles, Salt, Raisin, Pumpkin, Pudding, Pistachio, Pepper, Peanut, Pancakes, Oreo, Muffin, Mocha, Milky, Martzepan, Marshmallow, Marmalade, Jelly Bean, Honey, Ginger and Gingerbread, Cola, Cocoa, Coco, Cocktail, Cinnamon, Chocolate, Cookie, Chili, Caramel, Butter, Brownie, Blueberry, Biscuit, Beanie, Basil, Bacon, Ambrosia, Orange, Alphalpha, Pie, Apple, Carrot, Chip, Cream, Coffee, Nutmeg, Cereal, Peach, Pearl, Banana and Powder among tons of other options.

Finally, the third category can be names that are regular words and that may describe your Guinea Pig’s attitudes, temperament or physical appearance: Angel, Baby, Beauty, Blanca, Brunhilda (as a sweet form of witch), Chatter, Chopper, Chunky, Combat, Curly, Dasher, Domino, Feliz, Fluffy, Frizzy, Furball, Goldie, Gremlin, Lovely, Pinky, Porkie, Rex (latin word for king), Shaggy, Skinny, Speedy, Sleepy, Sneezy, Sneaky, Snoopy, Sparkle, Freckles, Squiggy, Squishy, Striped, Sweetie, Teddy, Digger and Zippy.

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