Chinese names For Female and Male Chow Chows Dog Breed

Chow Chow © by Llima

If you have chosen to take a Chow Chow home with you, one important thing to do is to choose the proper name so your new dog can get used to it from day one and therefore respond to it much easier. Take a look at the following options and select the one that you like the most. Your Chow Chow will immediately agree with you.

When it comes to exotic and unique dog breeds, there is no doubt that Chow Chows occupy some of the most important parts. These dogs were originally bred in China but nowadays they are considered to be some of the most popular exotic dog breeds. Thanks to their unique and lovable appearance as well as to their affectionate and loyal temperament, they have become some of the most requested dogs among those dog lovers who want to try different breeds. 

Since Chow Chows come from China, thinking of Chinese dog names for your Chow Chow is without a doubt an intelligent and unique decision. Some interesting and great Chinese names for these dogs may be:

  • Ai (meaning affection and love)
  • Bao (meaning precious)
  • Chang (meaning flourishing)
  • Chun (meaning spring)
  • Hong (meaning great)
  • Huan (meaning joyous)
  •  Huang (meaning bright)
  • Jian (meaning strong and healthy)
  •  Lin (meaning gem)
  • Mei (meaning beautiful)
  • Nuan (meaning warm)
  • Ping (meaning peaceful)
  • Qiu (meaning autumn)
  • Shu (meaning gentle and kind)
  • Xiu (meaning elegant)
  • Zhong (meaning loyalty)

Other names that easily apply to Chow Chows have to do with their unique appearance and among them you have the possibility to find names that relate to their hair color (which is in most of the cases brown but that can also be black, blue, red, cream and light brown), to their flourishing type of hair, to their adorable face and also to their marvelous, patient, tranquil and loyal temperament.


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